Empowering parents to raise confident teenagers

Blurred Minds is helping parents of teenagers to better understand the role of alcohol and drugs in our Australian communities. The Blurred Minds Parent Program has been developed with parents to make sure that the information sessions are engaging and relevant. Delivered in conjunction with the student program, Blurred Minds takes a multi component approach which provides a more effective approach to prevention.

We are passionate about making a difference and we know that communicating with teens about sensitive issues isn’t easy. Blurred Minds delivers evidence-based best practice approaches to provide parents with the knowledge and confidence to build and strengthen family functioning.

Program delivery

The program consists of a 45-minute session for parents which is delivered face-to-face. Developed to be interactive and engaging, the session consists of activities that allow parents to participate in group discussions in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

The program is organised around three core objectives:

  • Increase parent-child communication about alcohol
  • Raise awareness about the roles that parents play in adolescent’s alcohol use
  • Provide best practice advice and guidance skills to assist parents

Are you keen to run a parent session at your school or community centre? Get in touch with us.


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